What has been going on... a re cap over the past year!

Well a start of a new year brings change to all whether we are ready for it or not. It is also naturally a time to look back and take stock, something of which I have been mindful to do periodically throughout this past year and not just the annual New Years day “look back”.

We have been incredibly fortunate in 2018 to become home owners, (I guess we are staying in Cornwall then)! I have to admit I did have a small panic at the thought of being “tied down” as it were to one place. But bizarrely that is not the case, we both feel it’s giving us a new doorway to freedom. We have a base now, a safe place if we want to spend a month in the alps so Mr Wilde can instruct on the snow again we can and without having to put all our worldly possessions into storage! That adventure is the developing in 2019.

I digress, so new house check. New projects super check. A house that didn’t need a lot doing to it turns out we know what we want and we want to change it all! After a year of living in our new space we are now starting on DIY projects inside and out, and I’m wishing I had that Mary Poppins finger ‘click”. We’ve had ups and downs as we all do every year which makes the roller coaster of life, but this years ups have helped float the downs, and I can say what a welcome change that makes.

I have started a new job which takes me back to my routes and I am loving it! Terrified as we all are with change in our 30’s but its the adrenaline I’ve needed and the challenge I’ve desired. It’s taken both of us back to our strong point in photography as well, giving Drew opportunities of capturing fun and interesting stories!

We’ve discovered new places and made new friends as well as making deeper connections with others. I feel this is so important in life to all and with the outside world being the way it is, it takes us all on our small personal level to make things better. The small things add up and make a bigger impact it is important to be kind to all people and to yourselves and really then the world can’t go wrong!

Anyway to all who read these ramblings have a fun filled, happiness giving New Year enjoy 2019 and make things happen! x H.T.

Mr & Mrs Haley

On the 1st of September Scott and Suzanne became husband and wife, and celebrated at  Penmorvah Manor Hotel. We had the pleasure of covering that magical day for them!

Here's a sneak peak of the day, while I continue to edit...